Software Methodologies for Distributed Systems

Bernhard Bauer

The professorship for Software Methodologies for Distributed Systems has been appointed in early 2003. Since that time the focus of our group is on the industrialization of software engineering and software operation. Our main research areas are the holism, sustainability, and automation of the software pro-duct lifecycle as well as the autonomy of software systems.

Within various national and international research projects we study fundamental and practise-oriented question. Our results have proved theirselves in numerous cooperations with different partners from academia and industry. Students benefit in lectures, seminars, internships, and thesis from our know-ledge and experience in these areas as well as our contacts into industry.

If you wish to learn more about us, I will invite you to look up detailed information interesting for you on our website. I also look forward to a personal contact with you.

Bernhard Bauer

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