Smart Doorplate

Start date: 01.01.2003
End date: 31.12.2005
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local head of project: Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer
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The Smart Doorplates demonstrate a new vision for future office buildings. The doorplates are able to display current situational information about the office owner, to act instead of the office owner in case of absence, and to direct visitors to the current location of the office owner based on a location-tracking system. Different scenarios are proposed and a prototype implementation is presented.


With the Smart Doorplates a new vision for future office buildings is shown. A Smart Doorplate lets gleam the current working situation of an office owner like a half-transparent door. Thereby the activities transported to outside are assigned by the owner herself. In the simplest case this is the presence of the owner as well as her current activity situation, e.g. on the phone, in a meeting, or ready for conversation. In the case of absence the doorplate acts instead of the office owner in a restricted degree and takes on secretariat works like the notification of the current location as well as the estimated return of the employee. Furthermore the Smart Doorplate system serves as an electronic receptionist. We assume that the visitor identifies herself and whom she likes to meet in the lobby to the receptionist, receives an identification tag and is directed to the office of the employee. The direction system is implemented by the doorplates. As soon as the visitor is in the vicinity of a doorplate, the doorplate points (e.g. by means of displaying an arrow) in the direction of the office sought after.

The scenario of the Smart Doorplates will be built as a prototype on the fourth floor of the university building at Eichleitnerstrasse 30 (chair of Prof. André and Prof. Ungerer).

The current prototype consists of four doorplates as well as four RFID tag readers for identification and location tracking of persons. It was introduced at the "Nacht der Wissenschaft" on 2003, June 28.

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