AWPN 2018: Algorithms and Tools for Petri nets

AWPN 2018: Algorithms and Tools for Petri nets (Algorithmen und Werkzeuge für Petrinetze) October 11-12, 2018, University of Augsburg, Germany


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The AWPN workshop is organized by the Special Interest Group "Petri nets and related system models" (0.0.1) of the German Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) with the focus on algorithms and tools or Petri nets. It has a long tradition of being informal and low-budget.

This year, the AWPN workshop will be held at the University of Augsburg.

The workshop focusses on theoretical issues for analysis and simulation of Petri nets and on experiences with the implementation of visualization, analysis and simulation tools. Actual results, tools and surveys can be presented. The emphasis of the meeting should be the exchange of experiences and discussion.

History of AWPN

This year's workshop marks the 21th edition of the AWPN conference. Looking back on a long list of previous occations, the University of Augsburg wants to present itself as a great host:

1. Berlin 1994
2. Oldenburg 1995
3. Karlsruhe 1996
4. Berlin 1997
5. Dortmund 1998
6. Frankfurt 1999
7. Koblenz 2000
8. Eichstätt 2001
9. Potsdam 2002
10. Eichstätt 2003
11. Paderborn 2004
12. Berlin 2005
13. Hamburg 2006
14. Koblenz 2007
15. Rostock 2008
16. Karlsruhe 2009
17. Cottbus 2010
18. Hagen 2011
19. Wien 2012
20. Copenhagen/Lyngby 2017
21. Augsburg 2018


Augsburg, located in southern Bavaria, is a wonderful city to visit during late summer because of its spectacular historic townsites and overall atmosphere with cafes and multicultural influences (see tourist information).