M.Sc. Ruben Schlagowski


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

E-mail: schlagowski{ @ }
Tel.: +49 821 598 - 2343
Room: 2037

Research Interests

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Assistance Systems, Audio, Materiality, Urban Environments

If you are interested in writing a Bachelor or Master Thesis in this area feel free to contact me via E-Mail.

Project: DIGISTA - The digital city

digista_logo_webpage The project consortium analyses the changing significance of the materiality of media technologies for communicative practices in public urban space. The object of analysis will be both the visible traces of public communication practice and their invisible material media infrastructure. In order to do justice to the complexity of the field of investigation, the research network is interdisciplinary and unites perspectives and institutions from communication science, architecture, cultural sociology, and computer science.

More detailed information about the project:

Open Theses and Project Module Topics

- Mobile Application for POI Memorization in Urban Environments (Bachelor)
- POI Detection in Urban Environments by using Deep Neuronal Networks (Master)
- Enhanced Tracking (via GPS) for an AR Headset (MS HoloLens) for Outdoor AR Experiences in Urban Environments (Projektmodul)
- Augmented Reality Assistance for 3D-Scanning (Master)