AuBT - Augsburg Biosignal Toolbox

Start date: 01.01.2006
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local head of project: Dr. Johannes Wagner


aubt_logo Augsburg Biosignal Toolbox (AuBT) is a toolbox for analyzing physiological signals written in Matlab. It comes along with a graphical user interface which allows the user to extract features from common physiological signals, select relevant ones and use them to train and evaluate a classifier.



Augsburg Biosignal Toolbox (AuBT) provides tools to analyse physiological signals in the face of emotion recognition. It consists of a bunch of Matlab functions which have been developed to meet the following tasks:

• extract features from physiological signals
• automatically select the relevant features
• use these features to train and evaluate a classifier

A graphical user interface (AuBTgui) serves as interface between user and toolbox. It provides an easy and fast way to analyze new data and gives access to all functions without a long period of vocational adjustment.

AuBT comes along with two corpora: a corpus containing physiological data of a single user in four different emotional states and a corpus containing physiological data recorded from a single user under varying stress.

Important: to run the graphical interface Matlab 7 or higher is necessary. However, we are trying to build a version that is also compatible with older Matlab versions.


You can download the software from:

 and the documentation from:

 A tutorial video is available from:



Version: 1.03


  • 2006/11/20 changed "aubt_normRange.m": supports now a matrix as input (with old version an error occured when using MLP classifier)
  • 2006/12/13 changed "aubt_classifier.m": data is now normalized before KNN is used for classification
  • 2006/12/15 changed "AuBTGui.m": a problem has been fixed that occured when swapping features in the boxplot window
  • 2007/02/22 changed "ShowFeat.m": another problem has been fixed that occured during swapping of features in the boxplot window
  • 2007/10/29 changed "aubt_lowpassFilter.m": offers now option to do causal filtering
  • 2009/07/30 changed "aubt_extractFeatECG.m": made compatible with Matlab versions newer than 7.1


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