Start date: 23.02.2015
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local head of project: M.Sc. Kathrin Janowski


The "RoboGames" application contains several games which can be played with the social robot "Reeti" by the company Robopec. Different personalities can be selected for Reeti which influence his emotional reaction to what happens in the game.


RoboGames: Uno, relaxed mood

RoboGames: Memory, disdainful mood



This application was created in the context of developing a socially assistive robot to be used in elderly care. For example, the "ForGenderCare" project requires such a robot. The games are supposed to help the user maintain their mental and physical abilities through practice. Combined with other tasks performed by the robot, such as reminding the user of appointments or offering health-related advice, entertainment applications contribute to avoiding stigmatization which might prevent the target group from using the assistive device.

To improve the collaboration between human and machine as well as to increase the long-term motivaton, the robot was equipped with a personality-based affect model. This is supposed to enable believable emotional reactions and social behavior patterns.


The core application was created by the students Manuel Marschall and David Sedlbauer during a practical module. For their bachelor theses both of them were assigned the task of integrating the emotional model "ALMA" into the application, modeling two different personalities for the gaming partner and making the robot automatically adapt his behavior to these.

The application was implemented using, among other components, Visual SceneMaker and the Social Signal Interpretation Framework.

Student Theses