IVA 2019

Our research associate Katharina Weitz presented on the International Conference on Virtual Agents in Paris our research on the inclusion of virtual agents in AI systems in order to make them more comprehensible and trustworthy. Further information on this research focus can be found in the paper "Do you trust me?": Increasing User Trust by Integrating Virtual Agents in Explainable AI Interaction Design. Furthermore, we presented at IVA 2019 two other papers, which were written in cooperation with DFKI and Saarland University.

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Preparation of KIrmes at the German Museum in Munich

"How does Artificial Intelligence work?" This and many other questions about artificial intelligence are addressed in the Science Year 2019. Our colleagues Ruben Schlagowski and Katharina Weitz present the work of our chair.

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Interdisciplinary Spring School in Günne

"Out of your senses - From data to insight" was the focus topic of this year's Interdisciplinary Spring School, which took place from 12.03. - 19.03.19 in Günne. Our colleague Katharina Weitz travelled to Günne to present her doctoral project in the form of a poster presentation, to make new contacts among the 220 participants and to discover new research approaches and methods in many courses about neurobiology, neural computation, cognitive science/psychology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and philosophy.    [message of 18.03.2019]

Survey on Cloud-Services and Autonomous Behaviour in Smarthomes
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Forum Bildverarbeitung - Best Paper Award

Congratulations! Our employee Katharina Weitz gave a talk about Explainable AI at the Forum Bildverarbeitung, which took place from 29.11. to 30.11.2018 in Karlsruhe. She won the "Best Paper Award" for the paper "Towards explaining deep learning networks to distinguish facial expressions of pain and emotions", which was written as part of her master's thesis at the University of Bamberg in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.

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Are you still laughing or crying? - Science Slam on "Artificial Intelligence" in Munich

On November 21, 2018 the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B) invited to the Science Slam at the Einstein Kultur in Munich. The topic was "Artificial Intelligence". Our research associate Katharina Weitz was one of the 6 finalists who made it through the selection rounds and was allowed to perform in front of a broad audience in Munich. Among the audience was the new Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Judith Gerlach.

Copyright Pictures © zd.b/Nadya Jakobs

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MUM 2018
Björn Bittner presenting a Paper at MUM18

Our colleague Björn Bittner presented the paper "Exploring the User Experience of Proxemic Hand and Pen Input Above and Aside a Drawing Screen" at this year's International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM'18).

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DCASE 2018
Klaus Weber (oben) und Ilhan Aslan (unten) präsentieren ihre Paper auf der ICMI18 Congratulations! Our colleague Andreas Seiderer presented the paper "Using an evolutionary approach to explore convolutional neural networks for acoustic scene classification" at the DCASE-Challenge 2018.

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ICMI 2018
Klaus Weber (top) and Ilhan Aslan (bottom) presenting their papers at the ICMI18

The HCM lab presented multiple research papers at this year’s international conference for multimodal interaction (ICMI’18). We are delighted that our lab’s following two papers were nominated for the best paper award: “How to Shape the Humor of a Robot - Social Behavior Adaptation Based on Reinforcement Learning” and “Pen + Mid-Air Gestures: Eliciting Contextual Gestures”.
Conference proceedings are available here

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DEEP kickoff and talks
Prof. Dr. Eva Bänninger-Huber (third from right) and Prof. Dr. Svenja Taubner (second from right) visting the HCM-Chair

On the 30th of October 2018 we were pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Eva Bänninger-Huber and Prof. Prof. Dr. Svenja Taubner at our chair. As part of the DFG project DEEP they gave talks on "Processes of Affect Regulation and Mimic Behaviour" and "Interpersonal Understanding - Perspectives of Mentalization Theory".    [message of 01.10.2018]

Doctorate of Mr. Tobias Baur
Doctorate of Tobias Baur

Congratulations to our colleague Tobias Baur for the successful defence of his doctoral thesis: "Cooperative and Transparent Machine Learning for the Context-Senstive Analysis of Social Interactions".

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Vortrag von Jan Wülfing (ICCHP18)
Jan-Oliver Wülfing (left) had a presentation/ talk about the innovative 'Progress to a VOCA with Prosodic Synthesised Speech' at ICCHP18.    [message of 23.07.2018]


At the DigitalHealth Conference 2018 we presented DrinkWatch an application that learns interactively with the user to detect drinking activity on a smart-watch. DrinkWatch differs from other mobile machine learning applications by triggering feedback requests from its user in order to cooperatively learn the user's personalized and contextual drink activities. This enables DrinkWatch to process data on the device and thus to improve privacy. Our colleague Simon Flutura received the best student paper award for his work.

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Promotion von Herrn Gregor Mehlmann
Verteidigung von Herrn Gregor Mehlmann Gratulations to our colleague Gregor Mehlmann for the successful defence of his dissertation: "Modeling Interpersonal Coordination and Grounding Behavior in Joint Activities with Social Companions"

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Jan-Oliver Wülfing (front) presented his poster 'EmotionTalker: Towards a VOCA with Expressive Synthesised Speech' along with demo at the DGfS18, Stuttgart (Germany), in March    [message of 05.03.2018]

Doctorate of Mr. Florian Lingenfelser
Doctorate of Florian Lingenfelser

Congratulations to our colleague Florian Lingenfelser for the successful defence of his doctoral thesis: "From Synchronous to Asynchronous Event Driven Fusion Approaches in Multi-modal Affect Recognition".
Present Examiners were Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, Prof. Dr. Leo Wanner and Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller.

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The Eyes Are the Windows to the Mind
Today we got visited by Prof. Cristina Conati (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada) for a short talk about: “The Eyes Are the Windows to the Mind: Implications for User Modeling and User-Adaptive Interaction”.

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Kristina User Day 2017
We are glad to present KRISTINA at the Lebensphasenhaus in Tübingen as an integral part of the smarthome concept for elderly people.

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KRISTINA Openday 2017
Preparations for the KRISTINA Openday
On the 1st of December our colleagues from the university of Tübingen presented the current state of project KRISTINA at the Lebensphasenhaus in Tübingen.

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PROMI-AllHandsMeeting 2017
Oliviero Stock is visiting the HCM-Lab
Jan-Oliver Wülfing performed the enlightened topic 'How can a Voice Output Communication Aid pass sentiments?' in Cologne (Germany).

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Persuasive Words
Oliviero Stock is visiting the HCM-Lab

Today we were visited by Prof. Oliviero Stock from the FBK-irst in Italy. During his – indeed persuasive - talk „A (persuasive?) speech on automated persuasion“ he presented his current work. Following the talk we found enough time to demonstrate our own work and giving a small tour around the lab.    [message of 27.09.2017]

Join us on the KRISTINA Open Day in Tübingen
On the 18th of October the University of Tübingen will host an Open Day for the EU-Project KRISTINA - A Knowledge-Based Information Agent with Social Competence and Human Interaction Capabilities . Besides a presentation of the individual system components we will show some live demos and answer your questions regarding the project. Please click here for a more detailed agenda and a route map to the event. If you are interested in attending the Open Day please let us know by sending a mail to our project coordinator Leo Wanner, . We are looking forward to meet you in Tübingen.    [message of 14.09.2017]

Summertime is Conferencetime

When the acadamic day-to-day- life relaxes over the non-lecture period during summer, our staff has more time at hand to focus on their respective research projects. n Hannes Ritschel, Tobias Baur , Chi Tai Dang and Andreas Seiderer immediately used this opportuinity to publish their current work. While Hannes is presenting his paper "Adapting a Robot's Linguistic Style Based on Socially-Aware Reinforcement Learning" at the RO-MAN2017 in Lisbon, Andreas represents his Team at ICOST to show off their work on "Exploring Opportunistic Ambient Notifications in the Smart Home to Enhance Quality of Live"
We wish bot of you all the best for your presentations and an exciting time at the conferences.    [message of 30.08.2017]

Infected Phonemes - Having a cold at Interspeech (?)

Congratulations! Our employees Dr. Johannes Wagner, Dominik Schiller and Andreas Seiderer presented their paper "Infected Phonemes : How a Cold impairs Speech on a Phonetic Level" within the ComParE-Challenge at the Interspeech 2017.    [message of 28.08.2017]

Prof. Elisabeth André awarded with SIGCHI award

Elisabeth André received an ACM SIGCHI award for her innovative contributions to the field of human-computer interaction at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, which took place in Denver/Colorado USA on May 2017 and was attended by nearly 3,000 people. With the award, Elisabeth André was inducted into the ACM SIGCHI Academy. The CHI Academy is an honorary group of principal leaders in the field of human-computer interaction whose work has shaped the field and given directions to it.

Photo: Award ceremony by Prof. Dr. Steve Feiner, Columbia University, New York, Chair, SIGCHI Achievement Awards Committee

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Doctorate of Mr. Chi-Tai Dang

On the 9th December 2016 Chi-Tai Dang successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Tabletop Interaction Beyond Touch – Interaction On, Above, Around, and Across Tabletop surfaces”. Present examiners were Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Möller and Prof. Dr. Johannes Schöning. The HCM Chair congratulates Mr. Dang to his graduation to doctor .

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Signal processing on the go
Finally, there is now a mobile version of our system SSJ Creator available at the Playstore! More informations about the projekt can be found on GitHub.

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The HCM lab trip

This year the HCM Lab team traveled to the beautiful Allmansried, next to the Bodensee. Next to a visit to a brewery, the team discussed current and new projects.

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SMART Summer School 2016

Last Week our staff members H. Ritschel, S. Flutura and D. Schork had the opportunity to join the "SMART School on Computational Social and Behavioral Sciences" in Paris, where they learned about the newest achievements in robotics, social signals, psychology, computer sciences, ethics concering human behavior and sociology. They visited several lectures and practical workshops during the 5 day's of summer school. One highlight was the visit of Softbank Robotics (Aldebaran).    [message of 12.09.2016]

HCM Lab at the eNTERFACE'16

The HCM Lab took part of the eNTERFACE'16 at Twente, Netherlands. For the EU-funded project "The Virtual Human Journalist - ARIA-VALUSPA" J. Wagner, D. Schiller und T. Baur took part of the conference. They presented a tutorial of their work for the lab:"Working with the Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) framework "

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Artificial Intelligence and Love - Robots and Emotions

Artificial Intelligence, love and emotional robots - recently, the German radio stations "Deutschlandradio" and "SWR" visited our chair in order to examine these topics. Their interest focused on our empathic robot Zeno. You can read the articles (via Google Translate) here:

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Visit of Joris Suppers
Joris-Suppers-augsburg-2016 In January 2016 we welcome Joris Suppers from University of Waikato's project Energy Informatics at our chair. Within the IT4SE project (Prof. Dr. Masood Masoodian, University Waikato, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rist, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, University Augsburg) he does research on interactive information graphics concerning networked solar panels in private homes.
Further information:
Energy Informatics, University of Waikato
Joris Suppers
New Zealand Solar Panel Output Tool    [message of 25.01.2016]

Guest talk by Dr. Maybury

Dr. Marc Maybury visited our lab on July 30th, 2014 and presented impressions of his work in a talk about "AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS".

Further information:
Full Bio of Dr. Maybury

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CARE project presented at the "Dienstleistungstagung 2014"
Dr. Sigrid Skarpelis-Sperk at the booth of the CARE project

On the 27th and 28th of Mai the "Dienstleistungstagung 2014" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) took place in Berlin where the CARE project was presented to visitors at a booth.
Picture: president of the "Vereinigung der deutsch-griechischen Gesellschaften" (VDGG) Dr. Sigrid Skarpelis-Sperk visiting the booth of the CARE project

Further information:
CARE-Projekt overview
website of the CARE project

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Guest researchers at our lab

In 2014 two guest researchers will work at our lab: Chiew Seng Sean Tan comes from Hasselt University in Belgium to cooperate with Ionut Damian for research on posture and gesture analysis. Yoshiki Nakashima comes from NEC Smart Energy Research Labs, Japan, and works on physiological data analysis in cooperation with Jonghwa Kim.

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Introduction of competence team for "historical path"

Our chair is part of the competence team, which deals with the refurbishment of the historic "hungarian battle" of Augsburg. In addition to numerous partners from in and around Augsburg, the Chair of Prof. André will work on conception and realization of a mobile app that will bring historic events and attractions to life using augmented reality.

Further information (German): Report from press conference on




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FSEA Workshop at AVI

You are cordially invited to submit your work to and visit the AVI Workshop
FSEA 2014 - Fostering Smart Energy Applications through Advanced Visual Interfaces
organized in conjunction with the 12th International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2014). The workshop will be held in Como (Italy). The focus of this workshop is on advanced interaction, interface, and visualization techniques for energy-related applications, tools, and services.

Further information: Workshop Website und Call for Papers




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CARE-Kickoff-Meeting in Augsburg
CARE-Kickoff-Meeting in Augsburg

Together with our partners of the ICCS-NTUA multimedia laboratory in Athens, as well as the University of Augsburg, the first meeting of project CARE was happening at our lab.

Further Information:




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HCM-Lab at X:enius

German-French tv channel ARTE was filming at our lab. The documentary on human like robots broadcasts today at 5pm and is also available online.

X:enius television show online at ARTE website




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HCM-Lab at Quarks & Co

German television show "Quarks & Co", on air at 12th Nov 2013, is reporting on robot-human interaction. Our projects using "empathic robot Alice" is shown in a work portrait.

Further Information




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Visit of C. Rich und C.L. Sidner
Besuch von C. Rich und C.L. Sidner

Prof. C. Rich and Prof. C.L Sidner WPI, USA, are visiting our lab and will discuss "Social Robotics" in two talks:

Montag, den 28.10.2013, 15:00 s.t., Raum 2017:
Candace L. Sidner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Dienstag, den 29.10.2013, 15:00 s.t., Raum 2017:
Charles Rich, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA




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SSI presented at ACM MM in Barcelona
Divesh and Sutasinee at HCM-Lab

We have presented a paper on Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) framework at ACM Multimedia conference in Barcelona as part of the Open Source track. SSI is a framework developed at our lab for record and analyze social signals such as smiles, bursts, gestures, or physiological reactions in real-time.

Visit project page

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HCM Lab part of video portrait
Video Portrait made by BR

Our lab for Human Centered Multimedia is part of a university video portrait made by German tv station Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

Watch full video portrait here

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Join us on Facebook - Human Centered Multimedia
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Music Hack Day 2013 Barcelona - 2nd Day
Divesh and Sutasinee at HCM-Lab

Only 1 hour to go before hackers from all over the world will present their project they have been working on during the last 24 hours. We just finished our project: an old-school jump and run game steered through bio-signals only. By breathing out the user controls when the character jumps to avoid falling into traps filled with toxic lava. Meanwhile the speed of the game is controlled via heart rate, i.e. the character runs faster if the heart of the user increases and slows down if the heart rate decreases.

Visit project page

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Music Hack Day 2013 Barcelona
Divesh and Sutasinee at HCM-Lab

The Human Centered Multimedia Lab is participating at the 2013 Music Hack Day in Barcelona which is part of the Sonar Festival. The Music Hack Day brings together industry and programmers from all over the world. Participants are challenged to create projects related to music within 24 hours.

The HCM Lab is offering physiological data streams to "hackers" that can be combined with music for creating novel applications. Therefore processing and streaming of data, such as heart rate, breath rate and skin conductance is provided by the Ceeds Sensing platform which is partly based on our Social Signal Interpretation Framework

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Cooperation with the German University Cairo 2013
Egypt Students in Augsburg

The research group at HCM lab welcomes also 2013 a group of students from the german cairo university who conduct their bachelor thesis within the variety of research topics at our lab.

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Lecture "Virtual Humans" in WS 2012
Xsens Training

Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Martin (LIMSI-CNRS / Computer Sciences Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences, Orsay, France) offers the course "Virtual Humans" in the winterterm 2012 at our lab.

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Guest talk by Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt - Beyond Ubicomp

At Freitag, 29th of June 2012, 2:00 pm, Prof. Albrecht Schmidt, Universität Stuttgart, will give a talk about the topic:

Beyond Ubicomp - Computing is Changing the Way we Live

  • Who: Talk by Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt
  • When: Friday, 29th of June 2012, 2 pm
  • Where: Room 2045 N (Multimedia-Hörsaal)

Anyone interested is welcome to the talk.

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