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Forschung und Lehre am Lehrstuhl von Prof. André

About Human Centered Multimedia

The core competence of our chair is in exploring new paradigms for the human-technology interaction, covering a wide range of sensors and interaction devices, including eye tracking systems, motion capturing systems, bio-sensors, touch-sensitive surfaces etc. The developed concepts and technologies have been successfully implemented in a variety of application fields for example in virtual learning and simulation environments with animated characters. Extensive third-party funds such as the European Union and the BMBF have been raised successfully therefore. The successful work of the chair is documented by numerous publications on high-profile conferences and in journals, several international prizes, as well as diverse cooperation within externally funded projects (including the EU projects CEEDS, ILHAIRE, eCUTE and TARDIS, the DFG projects CUBE-G and OC-trust and the BMBF projects IT4SE and CARE). The Chair is coordinated by Mrs Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, an internationally recognized top researcher in the fields "intelligent user interfaces", "virtual agents" and "social computing". She received an Alcatel-Lucent Fellowship in summer of 2007 for her work in the field of communication research. In 2010 she was elected as member in three scientific societies of scholars: the venerable Leopoldina, Academy of Europe and AcademiaNet. In 2013 she was appointed ECCAI Fellow (European Coordinating Committee for artificial intelligence) for her outstanding work in the field of artificial intelligence.

About Augsburg

Approximately 70 kilometers north-west of Munich lies Augsburg, one the oldest cities in Germany, found more than 2000 years ago. With a population of 260.000 it is the third biggest city in Bavaria. Splendid buildings and town houses of the Renaissance mark the Mediterranean atmosphere of Augsburg's historic center. The city is famous for a rich artisan tradition (goldsmiths and silversmiths, textile production), its ambition for peace (a public holiday and the Peace Award) and its unique nationwide popular puppet theater.