Dr. Nicholas Cummins


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Tel.: +49 (0) 821 598 - 2907
Room: 317, Alte Universität (Eichleitnerstr. 30, F2)

I was awarded my PhD in Electrical Engineering from UNSW Australia in February 2016 for my thesis ‘Automatic assessment of depression from speech: paralinguistic analysis, modelling and machine learning’.

My current research interests include multisensory signal analysis, affective computing, and computer audition. I am fascinated by the application of machine learning techniques to improve our understanding of different health conditions. I am particularly interested in applying these techniques to mental health disorders.

I am currently involved in the DE-ENIGMA, RADAR-CNS, TAPAS and sustAGE Horizon 2020 projects and enjoy working as part of these inter-disciplinary teams towards solving real-world problems.

I have (co-)authored over 70 conference and journal papers leading to over 970 citations (h-index: 18). I am a frequent reviewer for IEEE, ACM and ISCA journals and conferences as well as serving on program and organisational committees. I am also a member of ACM, ISCA, IEEE and the IET.

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