DE-ENIGMA 'Advancing Humanoid Robotics for Children on the Autism Spectrum'

There are over 5 million people with autism in the European Union. If you include their families, autism touches the lives of over 20 million Europeans. It affects the way a person communicates, understands and relates to others. People with autism often have difficulty using and understanding verbal and non-verbal language. This often makes it difficult to understand others and interact with them. Getting the right support and therapies makes a substantial difference to people with autism. The overall aim of the DE-ENIGMA project is to realize robust, context-sensitive, multimodal and naturalistic human-robot interaction (HRI) aimed at enhancing the social imagination skills of children with autism. This extends and contrasts considerably to the current state of the art in existing technological solutions to machine analysis of the facial, bodily, vocal and verbal behaviour that are used in (commercially and otherwise) available human-centric HRI applications.
Title: DE-ENIGMA 'Advancing Humanoid Robotics for Children on the Autism Spectrum'
Lecturer: Ms. Alice Baird
Date: 21. 11. 2017
Building/Room: Eichleitnerstraße 30 / 207
Contact: University of Augsburg