Talking about more than words.

Abstract: When we interact with each other, not only the content of the words matter (what we say), but also the manner in which these words are spoken matter (how we speak), as well as the body language. Non-verbal behavior, including paralinguistic information, plays a key role in communicating affective and social information in human-human interaction. Non-verbal behavior is also informative of a speaker's mental wellbeing and physical state. With the increasing acceptance of technology in our daily lives, such as virtual agents and robots, the need for developing technology that can sense and give meaning to these non-verbal behaviors increases as well. In this talk, I will present some studies we have been carrying out investigating non-verbal elements in speech. In particular, I will present results from our studies on laughter in conversation, and exercise intensity detection in speech. > Bio: Khiet Truong is an assistant professor in the Human Media Interaction group, University of Twente, working in the fields of affective computing and social signal processing. Her interests lie in the automatic analysis and understanding of verbal and nonverbal (vocal) behaviors in human-human and human-machine interaction, and the design of socially interactive technology to support human needs. Khiet holds a master in Computational Linguistics (Utrecht University) and a PhD in Computer Science. During her PhD carried out at TNO, she investigated emotion recognition in speech and automatic laughter detection. She has served/is serving on numerous program committees and has chaired positions in major conferences such as Interspeech, ACM ICMI, ICASSP, and ACII.
Title: Talking about more than words.
Lecturer: Ass. Prof. Dr. Khiet P. Truong
Date: 27 June 2018 / 17:30
Building/Room: 1057 N