Analysing communication requirements for crowd-sourced backend generation of HD Maps used in automated driving

Highly automated vehicles rely on high-definition maps to ensure both safety and comfort of their passengers while driving.The maps provide a centimetre-accurate representation of the surrounding infrastructure to the car and ease tasks like localisation and object recognition by providing comparable reference material. Maintaining the maps with updates for the current traffic situation (e.g.traffic jams or construction work) is a challenging task.

In the German government-funded research project Cooperative Highly Automated Driving (Ko-HAF) it is investigated to what extent vehicle sensors can be used to update these kinds of maps. In this work, we present our obtained results and investigate the requirements for the cellular network infrastructure required for highly automated driving. To the best of our knowledge, this work is one of the first that provides this correlation between data requirements and network infrastructure capabilities.

Lecturer: Josef Schmid
Date: Tuesday 20. November 2018, 13:30
Building/Room: EIHW Social Room, 305