An evaluation and decision method for ICT architectures for cross-organizational business process coordination

Stephan Roser, Jörg P. Müller and Bernhard Bauer

Information Systems and e-Business Management ISSN 1617-9846, Volume 9, Number 1, p51-88

Verlag: Springer


 Our work aims at providing support for the decision-making processes

involved in the model-driven development of information technology (IT) solutions

for cross-organizational business process (CBP) coordination and automation. The

objective of the work described in this paper is to provide enterprise IT architects

with an evaluation and decision model that enables the principled assessment and

selection  of an effective IT architecture  paradigm  (e.g. central broker, federated

brokers, peer-to-peer) for a given cross-organizational business process coordination

task. Our approach follows the principles of design science; the contribution of this

paper  is  threefold:  First,  we  present  three  common  architectural  patterns  for

(service-oriented) CBP coordination. Second, the core contribution is established by

a new method for decision support suitable for IT architects to derive and evaluate

an appropriate architecture paradigm for a given use case or application domain.

The method is accompanied by a set of representative scenario descriptions that

allow the evaluation and selection of appropriate IT system coordination architec-

ture paradigms for CBP enactment, as well as a set of guidelines for how different

contingencies influence IT system coordination architecture.