Automatic Generation and Evolution of Model Transformations Using Ontology Engineering Space

Stephan Roser, Bernhard Bauer

Journal on Data Semantics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Volume 5383/2008, Springer Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg, pp. 32-64

Model-driven software development facilitates faster and more flexible integration of information and communication systems. It divides system descriptions into models of different view points and abstraction levels. To ef-fectively realize cross-organisational collaborations, it is an important prerequi-site to exchange models between different modelling languages and tools. Knowledge is captured in model transformations, which are continuously ad-justed to new modelling formats and tools. However, interoperability problems in modelling can hardly be overcome by solutions that essentially operate at syntactical level. This paper presents a novel approach using the capabilities of semantic technologies in order to improve cross-organisational modelling by automatic generation and evolution of model transformations.