Using Digital Infochemical Coordination for a Self-Organizing Emergent Solution to Open Shop Scheduling Problems

Masterarbeit, Juli 2009

This thesis introduces the concept of Infochemical Contracts (IC). Infochemical Contracts is a new Digital Infochemical Coordination (DIC) based decentralized coordination mechanism enabling self-organizing emergent multi-agent systems to solve open shop scheduling problems. Therefore two different concepts are combined: the abstract concepts of coordination inspired by olfactory stimuli found in nature (DIC) and the agent’s behavior found in market-based coordination approaches to scheduling problems. The abstract Digital Infochemical Coordination approach is initially adapted to scheduling problems in general. As a next step, the developed still abstract, approach for scheduling problems is instantiated to Infochemical Contracts for the computation of open shop scheduling problems. This instantiation uses infochemicals for communication and an agent behavior inspired by the Contract Net Protocol, which is an established coordination mechanism for scheduling problems.