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Lehrstuhl für Systemnahe Informatik und Kommunikationssysteme
Institut für Informatik
Universität Augsburg
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Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Augsburg, Germany, Head of the Chair of Systems and Networking. Prior to his appointment to University of Augsburg, he was a professor at the Computer Science Department of Technical University of Karlsruhe, leading research in general and embedded processor architectures and embedded system software. Prof. Ungerer is a founding member of the EC network of excellence HiPEAC (High Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers). He serves on the Editorial Boards of the International  Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP) and the Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC), in the Steering Committees of the ARCS conference and the Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC) conference series. He was Programme Chair of ARCS 2003 and HiPEAC 2012, General Chair of ARCS 2004, 2008 and ATC 2006, Publications Chair of HiPEAC 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011 conferences, and serves in many Programme Committees.

Prof. Ungerer has been investigating embedded processor architecture concepts with respect to WCET analysability for deployment in hard real-time embedded systems for many years. The Komodo project (funded by the German Science Foundation and finished 2003) developed a single issue multithreaded real-time Java processor together with real-time capable JVM and system software). The CAR-SoC project support (funded by the German Science Foundation 2005-2010) developed an SMT embedded single-core processor and real-time system-level software for autonomic/organic computing. The current research focus is on the time predictable multi-cores, parallelization, and system-level software as well as reliability and safety issues. Prof. Ungerer was coordinator of the EC FP-7 ICT projects MERASA and parMERASA. Moreover, he was involved in the Artemis project ACROSS, the FET TERAFLUX project and receives curently project funding of Intel Corporation for "Executing Parallel Safety-Critical Applications on COTS Processors by Exploiting Hardware Transactional Memory" targeting Haswell processor.

Prof. Ungerer is member of the European Research Center on Computer Architecture (EuReCCA) and part of the EC CSA EuroLab-4-HPC (starting Sept. 2015), an initiative to found an European Research Center of Excellence in High Performance Computing Systems.

A further line of research concerns Organic Computing, a German initiative to control  complex IT systems by self-organisation techniques. His Organic Computing Middleware project was funded by the German Science Foundation as part of a priority program DFG-SPP 1183  (2005-2013) and the Trust-based Middleware research project TEM is funded by the German Science Foundation as part of the research group OC-TRUST (2009-2016).

His Chair team has long-term experience in embedded processor architecture design and C++ or SystemC simulation of architectural prototypes. Further skills concern VHDL design and FPGA prototypes of new embedded processors, system software for embedded hard real-time processors, and various projects in the area of ubiquitous and autonomic/organic computing. The team has been involved in a number of international cooperation as part of the HiPEAC network of excellence, but also with partners from overseas. Industrial cooperation concern mainly Infineon Technologies, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland, Bauer Maschinen, Honeywell International, and Intel Corporation.