• Context-Aware Automated Analysis and Annotation of Social Human-Agent Interactions
    Tobias Baur, Gregor Mehlmann, Ionut Damian, Patrick Gebhard, Florian Lingenfelser, Johannes Wagner, Birgit Lugrin, and Elisabeth André
    ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems 5.2
    The outcome of interpersonal interactions depends not only on the contents that we communicate verbally but also on nonverbal social signals...


  • A Systematic Discussion of Fusion Techniques for Multi-Modal Affect Recognition Tasks
    Florian Lingenfelser and Johhannes Wagner and Elisabeth André
    ICMI '11 Proceedings of the 13th international conference on multimodal interfaces
  • An Event Driven Fusion Approach for Enjoyment Recognition in Real-time
    Florian Lingenfelser, Johannes Wagner , Elisabeth André, Gary McKeown and Will Curran
    Proceedings of the 22nd ACM international conference on Multimedia Pages 377-386
    Social signals and interpretation of carried information is of high importance in Human Computer Interaction. Often used for affect recognition, the cues within these signals are displayed in various modalities. Fusion of multi-modal signals is a natural and interesting way to improve automatic classification of emotions transported in social signals. Throughout most present studies, uni-modal affect recognition as well as multi-modal fusion, decisions are forced for fixed annotation segments across all modalities. In this paper, we investigate the less prevalent approach of event driven fusion, which indirectly accumulates asynchronous events in all modalities for final predictions. We present a fusion approach, handling short-timed events in a vector space, which is of special interest for real-time applications. We compare results of segmentation based uni-modal classification and fusion schemes to the event driven fusion approach. The evaluation is carried out via detection of enjoyment-episodes within the audiovisual Belfast Story-Telling Corpus.




  • Laugh when you're winning
    Maurizio Mancini, Laurent Ach, Emeline Bantegnie, Tobias Baur, Nadia Berthouze, Debajyoti Datta, Yu Ding, Stéphane Dupont, Harry J Griffin, Florian Lingenfelser, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Catherine Pelachaud, Olivier Pietquin, Bilal Piot, Jérôme Urbain, Gualtiero Volpe, Johannes Wagner
    Innovative and Creative Developments in Multimodal Interaction Systems
    Fundstelle: 50-79