Algebraic View Reconciliation

P. Höfner, R. Khedri, B. Möller

in: Universität Augsburg Technical Report, Institute of Computer Science, University of Augsburg, December 2007

Embedded systems such as automotive systems are very complex to specify. Since it is difficult to capture all their requirements or their design in one single model, approaches working with several system views are adopted. The main problem there is to keep these views coherent; the issue is known as view reconciliation. This paper proposes an algebraic solution. It uses sets of integration constraints that link (families of) system features in one view to other (families of) features in the same or a different view. Both families and constraints are formalized using a feature algebra. Besides presenting a constraint relation and its mathematical properties, the paper shows in several examples the suitability of this approach for a wide class of integration constraint formulations.