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Invited Speakers

Keynote Talks by Steve Furber and Yosinori Watanabe.

Deadline extended

Deadline for submissions of papers extended until 17 january 2009.

Last call for papers

Please note the extended deadline for paper submission.

Conference hompage online

Please note the important dates and the preliminary call for papers.

Keynote talks by Steve Furber, Gerhard Schellhorn and Yosinori Watanabe

Preliminary programme available

Registration is open


The homepage of the 9th International Conference on

Application of Concurrency to System Design 2009

to be held in Augsburg, Germany, 1-3 July 2009

Previous Editions of the ACSD Conference

  • ACSD 2008 was in Xi'an, China, in June 2008
  • ACSD 2007 was in Bratislava, Slovakia, in July 2007
  • ACSD 2006 was in Turku, Finland, in June 2006
  • ACSD 2005 was in, St Malo, France, in June 2005
  • ACSD 2004 was in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in June 2004
  • ACSD 2003 was in Guimaraes, Portugal, in June 2003
  • ACSD 2001 was in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, in June 2001
  • ACSD 1998 was in Fukushima, Japan, in March 1998